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Adoptions from Japan



The Datz Foundation is pleased to announce a program for the placement of older Japanese children with American families. The Datz Foundation works in collaboration with a private Japanese agency to match Japanese children in need of permanent homes. Almost all the children available for adoption are boys over age eight.  A typical referral of the Japanese child would be a child who has some special needs. Frequently the children available for adoption are diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or some behavioral challenges. The children may be biracial (Asian/African-American). The International Social Services Japan (ISSJ) estimates that there are over 40,000 Japanese children in group homes and institutions in need of permanent families. Despite this large number, only a tiny percentage of children are placed abroad.

The steps for prospective adoptive parents are:

  • Submitting a home study report from a Hague-accredited US adoption agency.

  • Once the home study is reviewed by International Social Services Japan in Tokyo, a written agreement between that agency and the Datz Foundation is executed.

  • A waiting period of a year or more ensues, depending upon the availability of adoptable children.

  • Once the ISSJ identifies a match it sends a child home study to the Datz Foundation and referral is presented to adoptive family.

  • If family accepts the match, a report of the match is presented to the local court.

  • The family files Form I-600-A with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service and awaits approval

  • Upon approval, they travel to Japan for an approximate two week stay.

  • A guardianship order is issued by the local court and Form I-600 is approved by the United States Consulate in Tokyo.

  • The family returns home with the child, completes their post-placement visits, and then files to adopt the child in their local court.


The fees paid by the adoptive family are:

  • $100 at the time the adoptive family’s home study is submitted to Japan.

  • After ISSJ accepts the home study, $3,500 is due to the Datz Foundation as the primary provider. If a match is not made by ISSJ within a two year period, the fee is prorated and a refund is issued.

  • At the time the match is made and the family accepts the child and travels to Japan, $6,000 is paid to ISSJ.

  • Once the family returns home post placement visits will be conducted in accordance with the requirements of the state where they reside. The petition for finalization of the adoption will be submitted in the family's jurisdiction. Fees for the finalization would be provided by the family to an adoption attorney in their state.

  • Additional expenses include the cost of authentication of documents required by the Japanese court, as well as round trip airfare and accommodation while in Japan.Opposite sex married couples and single women are eligible to adopt. ISSJ is sometimes  willing to accept a single man, but not same sex couples.  Single men may only adopt boys.  There can be no more than 45 year age difference between the child and adoptive parent. 

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