The Datz Foundation assists US Citizens
adopting relatives and non-relatives from abroad. 


We are happy to complete adoption home studies for United States citizens pursuing private international adoptions, both of relatives and non-relatives.  According to the terms of The Universal Accreditation Act which became Federal law in 2014, you need to retain the services of a Primary Provider, in other words, a US-based adoption agency accredited by the Council on Accreditation.  If you have already identified such an agency, and require a home study, The Datz Foundation can perform the home study in collaboration with your Primary Provider.  If that is your situation, and you wish to commission a home study, click here.


However, if you wish The Datz Foundation to become both your Primary Provider and your home study agency, submit the fillable form to us explaining the details of your proposed private international adoption.   Once we have reviewed the form, we will immediately advise you whether we have the resources to assist you.


Private international adoptions require the collaboration of:


  • The Datz Foundation as Primary Provider

  • A US-based immigration attorney retained by the adoptive family:  His or her role is to enter an appearance with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), to evaluate the child referral to determine if he/she is arguably eligible for US immigration benefits, and to prepare the family for application and issuance of the child’s immigrant visa.  

  • The following immigration attorneys are often retained by Datz Foundation clients:  Le’ake Fesseha, Arlington VA, 703-302-3410, (area of expertise: Ethiopia) Karen S. Law, Ashburn VA, 703-723-7710,
     John T. Riely, Gaithersburg MD  301- 548-1022,

  • An individual or entity in the child’s country of residence (usually an attorney) responsible for bringing the adoption to fruition.  This individual or entity cannot be a relative of yours or of the child.


If The Datz Foundation becomes your Primary Provider, this is a typical chronology:


  • You execute a written Primary Provider agreement with The Datz Foundation and remit a fee of $3,000. Of that sum, $2,500 is retained in escrow until approval of your adoption home study, and $500 is remitted by The Datz Foundation to IAAME (Intercountry Adoption Accreditation and Maintenance Entity, Inc.), the organization that monitors intercountry adoptions in which accredited US adoption agencies are primary providers. The IAAME fee is non-refundable. If you propose to adopt two children, The Datz Foundation fee is $4,000, and of this $1,000 is paid to IAAME.


  • The Datz Foundation receives a signed letter from your US-based attorney stating that he/she has been retained and will represent you before the USCIS.


  • The Datz Foundation completes your home study.  The fee for an international home study is $1,900.


  • The Datz Foundation oversees your adoption until the child arrives in the United States.  It remains in communication with you, your US-based attorney, and the attorney/entity abroad handling the adoption procedures.  



Private International Adoptions FAQs


•  We have identified an adoption agency to complete our home study, but need a Primary Provider for our proposed adoption.  Will The Datz Foundation undertake that role?


No, at the present time, we act as Primary Provider only in cases where we have completed your adoption home study.  That means in jurisdictions where we are licensed:  VA, MD, and DC.


  • We live in VA, MD, or DC.  We have identified an adoption agency somewhere in the United States that has agreed to act as Primary Provider in our proposed international adoption.   All we need is a home study.   Will Datz do it?


Yes,  we will work in collaboration with your Primary Provider.


  •  I see that we must retain the services of an immigration attorney in the United States. Why?


The law governing eligibility for US immigration benefits is a complicated one.  The last thing we want to happen is for you to adopt a child in a foreign country and later learn that he or she cannot immigrate to the United States.  Therefore, a professional versed in immigration law can represent you before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), can evaluate your child’s possible qualification for immigration benefits, and can prepare you for the child’s visa application and issuance.


  • I see that we must identify an individual or entity in the child’s country of residence who will act as “supervised provider”.  What does this mean?


Even if you have extensive knowledge of a foreign country and its legal system, you will probably not be able to accomplish an adoption without the participation of one or more professionals, often attorneys, in the child’s country of residence.  We need to collaborate with that individual.


  • How long will all of this take?


       Needless to say, timeframes vary greatly.  However, one year from the outset until the child enters the United States is not unusual.


  • This adoption will be a lot more costly than I had anticipated…


We wish there were not so many fees involved.  However, you may qualify for a Federal Tax Credit in the year in which the adoption is finalized.  Check with your tax advisor.

Private International Adoptions

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