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About Our Foundation

The Datz Foundation was founded as a full-service adoption agency by Mark Eckman and Vivian Datoff in the District of Columbia in 1987. It has placed over 3,000 children born in the U.S. and abroad with families all over the world.

Named after the family of one of its founders it was granted 501-C-3 (non-profit) status by the Internal Revenue Service in 1988, and became licensed in Virginia and Maryland shortly thereafter. 

Our staff includes an attorney specializing in adoption issues, clinical social workers and adoption experts who know how to deal with the complex issues in intercountry adoption. 


Our clients range from traditional married couples, to single individuals, to same-sex couples. They live throughout the United States and abroad. What they have in common is the desire and the ability to provide a home and a family to an adoptable child.


An area of special expertise is assisting United States Citizens in adopting relatives and non-relatives in private international adoptions


Datz has offices in three states - VA, MD, and DC - but it can place children anywhere in the United States or the world. 



Virginia: 311 Maple Avenue Avenue West, Suite E, Vienna, VA 22180

Maryland: 17 Warren Road, #25 A,  Pikesville, MD 21208

Dictrict of Columbia: 4545 42nd Street, NW, Suite 302, Washington, DC, 20016

Board of Directors


Pasadena, Maryland



Vienna, Virginia



Bethesda, Maryland


Washington, D.C.



District Heights, Maryland                      



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