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Adult Adoptees



We are sometimes asked by adult adoptees (over the age of eighteen) in whose adoptions we participated to search for their birthparents. Likewise, we are sometimes asked by birthparents who placed children in adoption to help locate their children once they reach adulthood.


We are happy to assist, but bear in mind that we cannot breach our promise of confidentiality. Instead, we must approach the parties discreetly and ask if they wish to communicate with their birthparents/birth children.


Searches are not easy. Here are some of the challenges: 

  1. We live in a mobile society. The address provided by a birthparent at the time of adoption is probably not his/her address in eighteen years.

  2. Birthmothers sometimes get married and change their last names.

  3. The more common the last name, the harder the search.

  4. Caution is essential: Family members of the birthparent or birthchild may not know about the adoption.


Our fee for undertaking an adoption search is $300. This fee is not refundable in the event that we cannot locate the party being searched. If you wish to proceed, please remit a check in the amount of $300 payable to The Datz Foundation, and enclose it with a cover letter providing as much information as you have about yourself and the party being searched. We can search only in cases in which The Datz Foundation once held legal custody of the adoptee.

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