Vivian Datoff co-founded The Datz Foundation and is director  of the agency.  As a licensed clinical social worker, she reviews adoption home studies and does her best to keep the agency in compliance with myriad state rules and regulations. She assists with the domestic adoption cases, and is the agency's Program Director for China.  Vivian is a perpetual student who has master’s degrees from Hunter College in Rehabilitation Counseling, the University of Maryland in General Administration and from Virginia Commonwealth University in Social Work. 


Prior to her work in adoption, she worked in rehabilitation centers, and in a trade association representing rehabilitation facilities. Vivian has worked in both public and private agencies and those prior jobs help her grasp the complexity of working within governmental and quasi-governmental agencies.  She has also been a high school teacher and rehabilitation counselor for the disabled. 


Vivian is the mother of two sons, one of whom was adopted abroad. Considering adoptive parents’ strong preference for adopting girls, she may lure you into adopting a boy, but only in the interest of the preservation of national security--- to keep a healthy balance in the U.S. population between the number of males and females!